12-day-old baby among those burned in Limón blaze

A second fire in six months tore through a small rural home in Matama, de Limón Wednesday evening and injured the four occupants: A mother, a 12-day-old baby and children 3 and 4. The home was leveled. All that remains is the twisted galvanized sheeting that was the roof.

The mother, identified by firemen as 19-year-old Susana Alvarado Montero, was the most badly burned. She suffered burns to her left side and leg. The 12-day-old baby, identified as Greivin Alvarado Montero, suffered burns to the right side of the face and head.

Also burned and hospitalized are Daniela María Perez Alvarado, 4, Isaac Perez Alvarado, 3. Firemen said that the woman’s home was leveled at the same site April 17.
The cause Wednesday was a candle used for illumination in a bedroom, firemen said, basing their report on what the mother told them. They will continue to investigate.

The Servicio de Vigilancia Aérea of the security ministry used a twin-engine aircraft to carry all four individuals to Alajuela where they went by ambulances to hospitals.
The mother is in San Juan de Dios, and the children are in the Hospital Nacional de Niños. They all are expected to recover.

The location of the home cannot be reached with big trucks, firemen said. The call came in at 6:58 p.m. Firemen did not arrive until 23 minutes later because they had to go part of the way on foot, the report said.

Three adults and eight children were living in the home that was destroyed in April, firemen said.

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