Another unhappy customer of Kolbi in Osa peninsula

Regarding Tom Ploskina’s letter to the editor, subscribers to ICE’s Kolbi wireless service on Osa peninsula are also suffering continually degrading service. I signed up for the fastest service at ICE’s Puerto JimĂ©nez office earlier this year. For the first few months, I got what I paid for, but since then I’ve noticed a continual diminishing of both upload and download speeds, especially download. All things being what they’re supposed to be, upload speeds should be much less than download speeds. When download speeds are much lower than upload, it’s a sign of over subscription for a wireless infrastructure and not some problem with a local tower configuration.

Last month, I notified my local ICE office personnel who are always friendly and accommodating and asked them to pass my complaint up the chain of command. It has since degraded to the point where I won’t bother using it during peak customer usage times when download speed is 0.

Like Tom, I also look forward to switching to a future competent internet provider and to dropping ICE like they drop my e-mails.

Gene Warneke
Canaza, Osa Peninsula

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