Argentines protest plan for British maneuvers

Argentina has called on Britain to refrain from conducting military exercises on the disputed Falkland Islands.

Argentina said Saturday it has sent a letter of protest to the British ambassador in Buenos Aires.

Britain notified Argentina last week about the upcoming military exercises on the Falklands.

Britain and Argentina have had a long-running dispute over sovereignty of the British-held Falklands in the South Atlantic.

Earlier this year, a British company said it may have discovered oil off the coast of the Falklands. Rockhopper Exploration said the find would be the first oil discovery in the North Falkland Basin.

Argentina said it would take legal measures to prevent Britain from gaining access to any oil.

Argentina invaded the islands, which it calls Las Malvinas, in 1982 and held them for two months until British forces retook control. More than 600 Argentine and 255 British troops were killed.

Argentina asserts its sovereignty over the islands, saying they are located on its continental shelf and are thus within its sphere of economic influence.

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