Assailant stabbed women in rape attempt, agents report

An employee who tried to rape his employer Wednesday made her drive to a secluded spot and then wounded her with a knife to force compliance, the Judicial Investigating Organization said.

This is the case where the victim, a Ciudad Colón businesswoman, used her 9-mm. pistol to kill her attacker, agents said.

That was one of a number of killings that judicial investigators faced Wednesday and Thursday. And it was one of two when an armed victim dispatched a criminal.

Agents also were investigating the apparent robbery that led to the death of the store operator in Los Lagos de Heredia. The 35-year-old man tried to flee his store when three bandits entered Wednesday afternoon. Judicial agents said they later detained three suspects, a 22-year-old man and two minors, 16 and 17. The bandits were identified by witnesses as they fled the scene. Agents said the dead man has the last name of Mathew. He died at the local hospital a short time after the incident from a bullet in the back.

In Pavas another store operator, identified by the last name of Villegas, bumped into a bandit as the man was leaving the store after holding up the man’s son, said the Judicial Investigating Organization. The bandit took the cash register and a portable computer. This happened in Metrópolis II, Pavas. The bandit fled after shooting the 51-year-old store operator.

Elsewhere the body of a 68-year-old man with the last name of Méndez was found in his home. He was the
apparent victim of a robbery, said judicial agents. The location was Río Celeste de Guatuso. The man may have been dead for some time because of the condition of the body. Agents said a motorcycle was missing from the home.

In another case, a man with the last name of Martínez died Thursday after being shot in the head, agents said. This was in La Cuesta de Paso Canoas. Agents said that the man was sleeping outside his parents’ home in the early morning hours when there seemed to be some type of confrontation.

The man called for help and began running. His parents heard several shots. The body was found not far from the house, agents said.

In Puntarenas, a man identified by the last name of Aguilar died Wednesday night in the local hospital. Agents said that he and another robber pulled a toy gun on a man waiting for a bus in Barranca. The would-be bus passenger had a real gun and shot the 18-year-old robber in the chest, agents said. Only later did agents determine that the robber’s gun was a toy.

The Ciudad Colón case took place in the late afternoon. The employee, a gardener, appears to have done work for the woman in the past. He was being hired to clear property of brush, and he and the woman went there several miles from Ciudad Colón. At that point the woman told investigators that the man tried to force himself on her and began touching her. At some point she suffered a knife wound to the leg, agents said.

The woman also suffered scratches and bruises. The gardener suffered two bullet wounds in the chest.

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