Bags in a car invite crooks, inconvenience

This is not exactly headline stuff, but you might remind your readers again about having bags stolen from cars.

We parked our small rental SUV in the parking lot of the Maxibodega in Jacó, in very clear view of a guard. Returning in 20 minutes, two bags were stolen. Passports, money, computer, etc.

It’s not just the money, but also the inconvenience. The people at the Canadian Embassy were very nice, It took only a few hours and cost $230. Then there was the extra night in a hotel, $130, and the cost of rebooking the flights, $600.

Plus, of course, the money stolen. A high price for momentary carelessness on our part.

So, NEVER, NEVER let bags out of your sight!

Dr. John Cocker
Stouffville, Ontario

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