Barney Frank campaigner says he’s economics illiterate

Formerly of Massachusetts (until last summer), I first met Barney Frank in the early 1970s during one of his campaigns.  I even helped write addresses on envelopes for him.

Prior to that time, I had been an expat living in Greece (for four years) and in Israel (for one), so I was not known in the local political arena.  Barney gave his attention to those already politically well-connected and catered to them.  He was, even then, pompous and evaded any serious questions about serious matters.  Suspecting his intentions and his intelligence and ignoring his reputation of having a great sense of humor, I stopped volunteering in his campaign.

Around 1976, a tax issue arose as to freelance, self-employed persons.  (I was then one of those persons.)  Barney and I had  on-going communication (via letters) regarding this issue.  I still have those letters (being an attorney-turned-author, I shipped them down here to Costa Rica in case I’d need them for a number of purposes).  What they clearly show is that Barney had — and still has — no understanding whatsoever of economics.  For anyone interested, my article on the subject was published in a journal, Micro-Economics, at that time.  If it is not accessible via the Internet, I might also have shipped the journal down here, and will make it available to interested parties.

But for the gerrymandering of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, we might have gotten rid of him earlier.

So, being against Barney has nothing to do with being on the right or the left.  It has to do with not being so naive and vulnerable to being spoon-fed by the mainstream media.   His humor has been but a mask on the true nature, abilities, and character of Barney Frank.

Barbara C. Johnson
Advocate of court reform and attorney in fact

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