Brazil’s election goes to an Oct. 31 runoff

The ruling-party candidate fell short of an outright victory in Brazil’s presidential election Sunday, setting up a second-round of voting later this month.

National election officials said with more than 90 percent of the votes counted, Workers Party candidate Dilma Rousseff had 46.9 percent of the vote compared to 32.6 percent for Jose Serra of the Brazilian Socialist Party. The strong third place finish of another female candidate, Marina Silva of the Green Party, who won 19.4 percent of the vote, could give her a strong influence over the eventual outcome of the race.

The runoff vote will be Oct. 31.

Ms. Rousseff is a former chief of staff of outgoing President Luiz Inacio da Silva and also his preferred successor.

If elected, she will be Brazil’s first female president.

Brazil’s economy has remained strong under da Silva, despite the world-wide recession. Da Silva was barred from running for president again because he has served the maximum two consecutive terms.

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