Chinese soon will get shots of country’s cafe liqueur

A proposed free trade agreement with China would eliminate import duties there on frozen orange juice, fresh flowers, leathers, rum and other liquors. And the proposal would eliminate over five years duties of from 12 to 25 percent on frozen beef, chicken and pork.

Cafe Rica goes well with milk or cream

Frozen orange juice carries a 7.5 percent import duty, according to the Promotora del Comercio Exterior. Fresh flowers are assessed at 10 percent by the Chinese. Leather can be assessed from 5 to 8.4 percent, Promotora said.

Alcoholic beverages now carry a 10 percent duty when imported to China.

Already the Costa Rican firm  Salicsa S.A has struck a deal to provide Cafe Rica, the firm’s signature coffee liqueur, to 50 outlets in Beijing, China. Promotora said that the negotiations to achieve this took 18 months.

Cafe Rica is a competitor of the Mexican Kalúa.

About 99.6 percent of Costa Rican products will enter China duty-free under terms of the proposed treaty that is being considered in the legislature now. Some of the other products include tilapia, yucca, shrimp and chocolates, said Promotora, the country’s quasi-public promotional arm.

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