Construction begins next week on a new Cinchona

Next week government officials will gather to mark the beginning of construction at the Nueva Cinchona in Cariblanco north of Heredia. The occupants will be families that were displaced by the January 2009 earthquake.

Consorcio Facoil-Dent will build out the new houses, and officials hope to deliver them to the residents before Christmas, they said.

Sketch of proposed housing at Cinchona. Image: Comisión Nacional de Prevención de Riesgos y Atención de Emergencias

The earthquake destroyed Cinchona. Much of the community slipped down a hillside. The national emergency commission spent nearly $1 million for land nearby where the new community is being erected. Nearly $1 million more was spent on landscaping and roadways. Construction will cost about $3.6 million or about 1.8 billion colons

The families involved collaborated on the designs. Each home is built to withstand future earthquakes and to accommodate persons with disabilities.

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