Costa Rica wins a good score in annual corruption index

Transparency International has released another report that seeks to rank countries based on their citizens perception of corruption.

Costa Rica finished in seventh place in the Americas this year behind Canada, Barbados, Chile, the United States, Uruguay and Puerto Rico. The country’s score was 5.3 out of 10. The country was ranked 41st worldwide.

Cuba was a surprising 9th in the hemisphere with El Salvador, Panamá and Trinidad and Tobago sharing 11th place. Nicaragua was 127th place worldwide with a 2.5 score.

The 2010 Corruption Perceptions Index is a measure of domestic, public sector corruption, the Berlin,
Germany,-based organization said.

In the 2010 report, Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore tied for first place with scores of 9.3. Unstable governments, often with a legacy of conflict, continue to dominate the bottom rungs, said the organization. Afghanistan and Myanmar share second to last place with a score of 1.4, with Somalia coming in last with a score of 1.1.

The report is a composite index, drawing on 13 different expert and business surveys, said Transparency. Source surveys for 2010 were conducted between January 2009 and September 2010, it added. The report ranked 178 countries.

Some countries showed a decline in ranking. The United States was one. Transparency said that some countries involved in the world financial crisis showed declines.

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