Cultural festival includes archaeological site tour

The mostly native residents of Rey Curré are having a cultural festival Saturday that includes a tour of local pre-Columbian archaeological sites.

Activities begin at 9 a.m. in the community that also is called Yimba Cajc in the Boruca language. The first such festival was held in 1992, and that will be marked this year.

There also is planned a discussion with young people on the value of their native identity, said a release.

After lunch a number of cutural activities and games are planned as well as an exhibition of old photos. There also will be an exhibition of plants used for medicine and a demonstration of local foods that are fading from memory, the release said.

Rye Cur is on the Interamericana Sur at kilometer 228 south of Buenos Aires de Puntarenas. This is the area where Costa Rican officials hope to put in a major hydro project on the Río Térraba. Many residents of the area oppose this plan because of the loss of ancestral lands.

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