Developers do not have right for water at their projects

I think your recent article Oct. 7, 2010, “A Pacific canton issues a plea for economic help,” though informative about the pressing situation is unfair at the least if not down right misleading with regards to the water situation in the Coco, Hermosa, Sardinal region.

By saying “even though they paid for the project” implies that they (the developers) have a right to the resource because
they paid someone for something. Those developers building condominiums and other projects on a desert beach area where arguably it is already overbuilt because of the water availability, by passed the laws intentionally or perhaps not and have been ordered to go back to the drawing board leaving the investors bleeding. I trust future investors get the point.

As the former president of the ecological NGO Fuentes Verdes, we have the same problem here in the Lake Arenal region where a developer has plans for a project of upwards of 300 condominiums. The Sala IV has ruled that they have not complied with the laws regarding water acquisition, leaving them with no legal water.
That these issues are complex is without doubt, but when it comes to potable water and a sustainable future for the community here regardless of the world economic situation there is a line to be drawn.

So for you to write “even though they paid for the project” is journalistically irresponsible given you don’t mention what the Sala IV (Supreme Court) says they are in the wrong.

Edward Yurica
Tilaran, Guanacaste

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