Disabled access lacking at bank ATMs, Defensoría reports

The Defensoría de los Habitantes is asking banks to explain why they have not complied with plans announced two years ago to make automatic tellers accessible for the blind and persons in wheelchairs.

The Defensoría said it looked at what has happened since 2008 and found that only Banco Nacional had partly complied with the agreement.

The Banco de Costa Rica has an automatic teller that
responds with a voice, but it does not provide additional voice instructions as to various menus and the keyboard, said the Defensoría.

Costa Rica has a law, well-known as Ley 7600, that requires that public places and activities be accessible.

The Defensoría only checked the four public banks.

It said its responsibility did not cover private banks, but it asked the Asociación Bancaria Costarricense to move toward the requirements of the law with its affiliates.

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