ICE power customers invited to make their own electricity

The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, the nation’s main power generator, is inviting its customers to produce their own electricity and send the surplus to the national grid.

Rooftop solar collectors are one option. Photo: Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad

The company restricted the offer to those generating systems that use renewable and clean sources, such as wind, solar, methane, and water. The program is similar to auto-generating systems elsewhere, although the offer now seems to be restricted just to retail customers of the firm known as ICE.

The company said it has much more information at its various agencies. The customer installs the system, and then there is an inspection by the company’s engineers. The inflow and outflow of electricity is measured as it comes and goes from the national grid.

The main catch now seems to be that ICE will not exactly pay for the power that customers generate. Instead, the customer will build up a credit with the company that will refund the electricity when the customer is using more than the personal system produces.

The firm said it hopes to generate five megawatts of power this way in two years.

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