Kolbi wireless service gets worse and worse

I’m on the sidelines waiting for some competition for the communication market after a long fought TLC or CAFTA battle, I’m glad I’m not holding my breath. The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad is trying to ramp up its technology to compete with whoever comes here to challenge them, but has simply forgotten or its management is too ignorant to understand is that “It’s Customer Service, Stupid.” This is what people are looking for. If they could manage to grasp this as part of their business plan, they may just keep there heads above water. We have all experienced the constant interruptions in service, the delays with available phone lines, private and cellular and the ever increasing rates for these inadequate services.

I bought into this Kolbi wireless idea like many others have. I got rid of my satellite service and then moved on to Reico. Both were costly, but were still far better than what I’m getting now. I paid for the highest download and upload speeds with this Kolbi, and at first I was delighted. There were some glitches, but for the people in our local office in Nuevo Arenal, I perservered. They went out of their way to help me. But you see, the speed I pay for has been little by little deminishing. It is being interupted constantly now, and sometimes I can’t even get on line. It is about 75 percent less than what I first received and expected. Tonight I sit here and can’t even upload an e-mail.

Here’s is where “Customer Service” shows its ugly face. Although the local office staff would like to see me have what I paid for, their hands are tied. No one above them really cares. The answer from them recently is there is a problem with the tower and who knows when they will come to fix that. I’ve also been told that too many people have Kolbi’s now and that this lessens the bandwidth so we lose the speed we contracted for. Not one person has offered to lower the monthly rate while this is being fixed. You see, beyond the local ICE staff, no one really cares.

I understand that a company has run new fiber optic lines down our road and I’m hoping it’s Amnet so I can fire ICE. But I’m sure ICE will be getting a cut from Amnet since their using ICE poles to run the lines. If I had a lot of money, which I don’t and besides the others things I would do with it, No. 1 on my list would be to fire ICE and go total solar for electricity and use any of the competition for telephone. Anyone but ICE!!!

Tom Ploskina
Nuevo Arenal

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