Letter was whining rant

Re: the reprimanding letter on Thursday from Mr. Forrester in Georgia :

It never ceases to amaze me whenever I see these whining liberal rants. He starts by accusing A.M. Costa Rica of slurs against two notoriously unethical Democrats, and then slurs Fox News!  Am surprised he didn’t start another Bush-bashing tirade.

The unelectable Christopher Dodd, the longtime boozing & wenching pal of Teddy Kennedy, is up to his eyeballs with his unethical Countrywide mortgage. And he and the lisping congressman from Massachusetts, Barney Frank, are both tarred by the Freddie/Fannie mess. Franks has also admitted all kinds of unethical, openly lewd liaisons with male pals. Two princes of the Democratic Party.

A.M. Costa Rica had every right to point out the “great irony.”  Complaining about a spelling error sounds trite. Instead, touchy and easily offended comes through loud and clear.

Joe Furlong
Venice, Florida

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