Mountain above Santa Ana probably will slip again

There still is danger above Santa Ana. The Chitaría summit above Salitral in the hills above Santa Ana is likely to produce more landslides when more rain hits.

But there is good news, too. What is now Subtropical Storm Otto is headed due north and already is north of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center. Another low pressure area in the Atlantic seems to have dissipated.

Otto was a dangerous low pressure area that was headed directly towards Central America two days ago. It is now likely to parallel the U.S. coastline and break up over the North Atlantic.

The center did note that there is a small low pressure system in the Pacific far off the coast of Nicaragua. It probably will head north without having much of an effect on Central America.

The country could use the break. The Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes said Wednesday that work on fixing a temporary bridge over damage to the roadway of the Autopista del Sol is talking longer than normal due to wet weather. Workers are using two bailey bridges that will carry traffic at the location between Atenas and Orotina.

However, some 30 piling must be driven into the ground to support the ends of the bridges. The 15 pilings on the Orotina end have been installed, the ministry said Wednesday. But officials said they did not expect the route to be open to traffic until Sunday at the earliest.

In Santa Ana Wednesday there was rain. The Quebrada Canoa, which carried away the bulk of the material that fell from the peak in two events, was running normally but muddy. Geologists continue to study the mountain. Last week the first landslide sent rocks, mud and trees down the stream and clogged it, leading to flooding of some of the homes along the banks. Municipal workers have been deepening the waterway with heavy machinery and removing some of the large trees and rocks.

The Canoa empties into the Río Uruca.

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