Neighbor confirms status of Arenal wireless service

To second what my neighbor and friend, Tom Ploskina, has written, the nice people at our local Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad office do try, but there is obviously something wrong with a company that cannot give its employees any direction, or allow any room for initiative.

Essentially, as Tom’s letter says, it was one of the desk people there who finally admitted to me just last week that the reason for our recent fall off in service is faulty equipment in their tower. They further told me that the equipment is from the same manufacturer as the data card/modems that they have foisted on us, and ICE cannot (or will not fix it).

They said they are waiting for representatives of the Chinese manufacturer to come to town (but can’t say when) to hopefully repair or replace whatever is faulty.

Meanwhile, as Tom also pointed out, they cannot or will not offer us a refund of money (since they are not delivering what we are being charged for), nor will they prorate our lousy service to try to make up for their shortcomings.

Ultimately, and as Tom also said, we have no choice, but if we ever get one, you can bet we’ll be looking hard.

John G. Dungan
Aguacate de Tilaran

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