Not the politicians to defend

Now I’ve heard everything!

I used to say a familiar phrase to myself or others when something so out of sync with life’s expectations happens, “Now I’ve heard everything.” But as the years have passed and my body has become weathered by age, I realize that this is a statement that is warranted at times, but not set in bronze.

To hear someone defend the likes of Chris Dodd and Barney Frank when it comes to “ethics.” I had to utter this to myself as I read this readers opinion. I can think of many lifetime politicians to defend, but the likes of those mentioned is slanderous in itself. Does this person have a blind eye to the failings of the housing market that leads to the scandalous likes of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. Maybe he’s watching too much CNN, NBC, ABC and reading the Atlanta Constitution. Get a Grip! By the way…I did perform a spell check.

Tom Ploskina
Nuevo Arenal

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