Pedestrians will get a bridge in stream-ravaged Salitral

Public works officials are hoping to install a pedestrian bridge this week in Barrio Los Montoya in Salitral de Santa Ana. This is where flooding prompted by a landslide in the mountains wiped out a bridge.

School children make use of the temporary bridge.
Photo: Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Trasnportes photo

Residents have had to wade the Quebrada Canoa. Now that the water level has decreased, there are wooden planks that form a sort of bridge. But this will not last if there is more rain. The Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes plans something more secure with handrails.

The problem developed when a side of the Cerro Chitaría collapsed and the rock, trees and mud entered the waterway. The trees would form an impromptu dam, and water would build up behind it. Then the blockage would rupture sending a strong flow of water downstream. Houses were flooded out, and transportation was hampered.

For several days residents have been wading the stream hoping that there was not more water on its way. Some took off their shoes. Others carried children and seniors.

The proposed bridge will connect the upper part of the community with the rest of the world.

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