Popular retirement author has two new editions out

Christopher Howard, the retirement tour guide and author, reports that two of his books relating to Costa Rica are out in new editions.

The first is the well-known “The New Golden Door to Retirement and Living in Costa Rica,” which is now in its 16th edition. The book “Christopher Howard’s Official Guide to Costa Rican Spanish” is now out in a second edition.

Howard is bullish on Costa Rican retirement. “Confronted with the spiraling cost of living in the United States and the current financial downturn, baby boomers can now retire for less, hang on to what they have left and have the time and freedom to do what they really want by moving to Costa Rica,: he said. “For many Costa Rica offers a lifestyle they could never enjoy in North America.”

The 680-page 16th edition (ISBN 1-881233-66-4) is $29.95 and available from Amazon.com, in bookstores through Baker & Taylor or by calling Costa Rica Books toll free 800-365-2342

Howard said the language book is prompted by his realization that Spanish is spoken differently here.

Despite having an advanced degree in Spanish, having studied and lived in Mexico and having traveled to every country in Latin America Howard said he quickly realized this. First, he said he noticed that there were a lot of local expressions and vocabulary with which he was not familiar. So he set out to learn all the nuances of the local lingo. The new edition of his guidebook is the result of almost 35 years of research in the field of Spanish as a second language, he said.

“Christopher Howard’s Official Guide to Costa Rican Spanish” (ISBN 1-881233-87-1) is $10.95 and available in Costa Rica through 7th Street Books, Librería Lehmann, Librería Universal and in some gift shops. Online it can be obtained through Amazon.com or www.escapeartist.com. It can also be purchased in U.S. and Canadian bookstores. Worldwide distribution is through Book Surge. Howard also has a Web site filled with tips and shortcuts for learning the language.

Howard also announced that his tour for potential expats would include a visit to Arenal starting next month. “We will see the best features of the lake which is close to the town of Tilarán, 20 minutes from the new hospital in Cañas, an hour and one half away from Guanacaste’s sun-drenched beaches and just a little over an hour from the city of Liberia,” said Howard. The latter is one of the fastest growing cities in Costa Rica and the hub of activity in the region. It also has all of the services you’ll need including an international airport.” There is a growing expat community around the lake.

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