Residents get court help against possible hazards

Residents of Nandayure and in Tibás got relief from the Sala IV in a decision released Thursday.

In the case of Nandayure on the Nicoya Peninsula the municipality and the canton were ordered to do necessary work in the bed of the Río Corozalito to prevent flooding. The decision also was against the Comisión Nacional de Prevención de Riesgos y Atención de Emergencias. The residents, who live in Corozalito de Bejuco, said that the area is considered in grave risk of flooding and that heavy damage has taken place.

The court gave the commission and local officials a year to do the work.

In La Florida de Tibás the problem was a slope that is likely to give way and damage homes. The petitioners were residents of Condominios Solidaridad 2 in Urbanización Las Palmas and of Urbanización Anselmo Alvarado. They said that even the Defensoría de los Habitantes had issued a recommendation to put up a retaining wall. The residents said they have been seeking such a wall since 2006.

The court gave the Municipalidad de Tibás and the emergency commission three months to comply with an existing remediation plan, according to a summary of the decision.

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