Jan. 1 salary increases fixed by government at 2.63%

Minimum wages will be going up 2.63 percent Jan.1. That was the pay raise mandatedd by the Consejo Nacional de Salarios.

The pay hike was exactly what employer groups wanted and far below the 7 per cent some employee groups proposed. The Asociación Nacional de Empleados Públicos y Privados threatened to take the issue into the streets.

The Unión Costarricense de Cámaras y Asociaciones del Sector Empresarial Privado said it worked with government employees to come up with the figure that was accepted by the Consejo.
The organization said that it supported a raise despite the slowdown of the economy and the increase in joblessness. There is no excuse to transfer the costs of the economic crisis to employees, said Manuel H. Rodríguez, organization president. He noted that in the last five months some 5,500 jobs were lost in the private sector.

Many Costa Ricans work at the minimum wage and others who do not will receive optional raises based on the government figures.

Since each job title has a different salary, there is no overall minimum wage. The Ministerio de Trabajo will post a long list of obligatory amounts by job title in a few weeks.

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