Survival looks doubtful for miners in Ecuador

Rescue efforts continue as officials in Ecuador say survival looks doubtful for two men trapped in a gold mine since Friday.

Emergency teams in the mine about 400 kilometers (about 250 miles) southwest of the capital, Quito, are continuing to dig toward where they believe the two men are trapped. But officials say the temperature, humidity and oxygen levels in the mine are unacceptable for survival.

Rescue teams worked through the night to try to remove a six-meter-thick barrier of rock and wood. Diggers estimated late Tuesday it could take at least 10 hours to break through the barrier.

The two missing miners were with two other workers in the mine Friday when a cave-in occurred, trapping the men about 150 meters below the surface.

The bodies of two miners were recovered Saturday. There has been no contact with the two remaining workers.

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