There is no need to build airport in southern zone

Thank goodness for the Río San Juan to awaken the deep environmentalist nature of Ticos!

Even a “perceived” threat to the environment that may be caused by its northern neighbor in Nicaragua, to an area on the fringe of the country is enough to send religious fervor through the veins of high minded Ticos perched atop the mantle they’ve fabricated for themselves, as the first “developed” country in Latin America, qualifying them to a level of supremacy in areas that Europeans, and North Americans have pioneered, such as ecology, and environmentalism.

I find it rather interesting when it comes to open pit gold mining, and an ill-planned new airport for the southern zone, for examples, a level of somnolence is the norm.

That there are two proposed new international airports, within 100 miles of each other, on opposite sides of the southern border, reflects a lack of co-operation between the governments of Panamá and Costa Rica, that bodes ill for the future of tourism in both countries, due to the environmental degradation that will ensue.

Suburban sprawl is not what makes for long-range tourist attraction, as is now being proven, and if this region wants to continue to expand its tourist economy, then more co-operation, and better planning is needed between countries, as well as enlightened leadership.

Costa Rica would be better off taking the money it plans on spending for the new airport and up-grading its school system immediately, while letting Panamá with its vastly larger land space, to host the airport and negotiate for concession rights.

Hari Khalsa

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