Two die as rock rakes San-José-Limón highway

Traffic police report that a man and a child, 4, believed to be father and daughter, died Friday night when rocks fell on their vehicle at Kilometer 26 of Ruta 32, the San José-Limón highway.

The Dirección General de Tránsito said that a woman in the vehicle was in grave condition. The location of the accident is about three kilometers (about two miles) north of the Zurquí tunnel.

The traffic agency said that the route was closed due to fear of other slides. The point of the mishap was not considered a dangerous area. Officials
have been concentrating on the area south of the tunnel where slides have taken place.

They warned, however, that the soil is saturated and that dangerous conditions exist along other major highways, including the Interamericana Norte.

Experts spent two days this week creating a three-dimensional representation of the section considered most vulnerable to slides. The 24-year-old highway has been plagued with such problems where it passes through Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo.

Most agree that the original plans for the road created the problems by not reducing the slopes.

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