We take from other sources

You purport A.M. Costa Rica as being Costa Rica’s English language Monday through Friday news source. You gather your reporting of the news from various other news sources. In your Tuesday edition, an article that was gathered from other new sources that mentioned the names of Sen. Chris Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank. You purposely added your own opinion of their ethics. A tactic that you periodically perform without emphasizing during those occasions that you chose to inject your personal opinion which reflects adversely upon your own righteous ethics as a journalist. Kind of disingenuous of you.

I’m sure that any number of congressional representatives have what you believe to be unworthy of supporting and passing in legislative actions. Especially when they have been reported and admonished for the unethical actions. Whether they be Republicans, Democrats, or others.

Mr. Forrester question about your being Fox News seems to be somewhat valid. Fox News political commentators Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, et al, bend, twist, and otherwise distort facts, news, et cetera, to fit their own personal political viewpoints. Perhaps the real question is whether you are a journalist or just another political commentator? Which is it? Perhaps you should be more straightforward by identifying A.M. Costa Rica as being your commentary on the the news that you have gathered from other sources. Furthermore, include in your editorial position statement another paragraph defining your right to add your own personal opinions/slant on the news that you’ve gathered and transcribe to your readers.

One other matter. It would improve the publication’s image if you would begin using spell check. Especially since your publication is read internationally. It’s been widely reported by most U.S.A. news organizations about the nation’s education system having been in decline for years. A crises that the present administration, as you no doubt know, has taken measures to address. It makes no sense for A.M. Costa Rica to have misspelled words in its commentaries. You seem to have forgotten to address that in responding to Mr. Forrester questions. Just mental lapse I’m sure.

Charles Bryson

Editor’s Note; Mr. Bryson wanted us to point out that we edited his letter slightly to address it to A.M. Costa Rica in general instead of the editor specifically. This is a cooperative effort.

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