Woman with gun kills rapist, but store owner was unarmed

Two crimes had dramatically different outcomes Wednesday because one of the victims had a firearm.

Details are still sketchy on the late afternoon shooting in a rural area near Ciudad Colón. Initial reports say that a laborer tried to force himself on the woman who employed him. The report said he forced his way into the home with rape on his mind.

The woman, described as being in her 30s, suffered scratches and bruises but the assailant suffered a bullet wound to the chest. She was being questioned Wednesday
night. Her name and the name of the dead man were not released.

Less lucky was the owner of the Mini Super Lagos in that section of Heredia. Three robbers confronted him in his small store at mid-afternoon and demanded money. They were distracted briefly by the money in the cash drawer, and the proprietor tried to flee to seek help. One of the bandits shot him in the back. He died at the scene.

Witnesses made a full identification of the trio who are known as robbers in the community, police said unofficially. They fled on foot to a low-income area nearby.

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