Amnet blames bad service on RACSA and television

I’ve had Amnet for four years. I get both my television and my Internet from them. Since the beginning, the Internet has had numerous slowdowns, outages and interruptions. Every time I inquire with Amnet, the response is the same. “It’s RACSA’s fault”. I’ve just learned to live with substandard Internet service, probably because the idea of getting two companies to provide for my cable and Internet always seemed like a hassle.

Over the last several months, I’ve now had many problems with my TV as well. I have a digital TV box that I rent from Amnet. When I received the first one, I commented to the installer how old and huge the supposedly new equipment appeared. He said it was refurbished. He left before the new service started. When the head office finally turned it on, the picture was terrible. They tried to blame it on my TV, but I insisted that it works without the box so it couldn’t be possible. It took two weeks before they came out to replace the faulty box.

The replacement also didn’t work. Finally, after testing a few (clearly used) boxes they found one that worked. Now, Amnet has shuffled the channel numbers around. One channel, which I watch religiously (CNBC) is supposed to be broadcast on a different channel number. Instead, it is not shown and the Amnet customer help line says it should be fixed soon (they’ve been saying that for three weeks). This is not the first time that promised channels don’t function according to what they advertise.

The service that I pay for is as much as the service in Canada (or the United States). However, the speed, the quality and the service are way way worse. I wished Amnet could deliver what they promised. If they want to charge these prices, they should provide modern equipment and real service. Currently, this is no way to run a business. Unfortunately, this will finally force me to get another service provider.

Gregg Holubitsky

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