Amnet did correct thing in dropping Fox News

Although, I do not currently use Amnet since it is not available in my area, I do feel the pain of those clients writing in recently about some Amnet programming not being offered in English (if true). But I am sure Amnet has the right, by virtue of its contract with its clients, to change programming from time to time. My cable companies in the U.S.A. have changed programming on occasion. They have contracts with broadcasters that the terms of which are changed from time to time. If a provider now wants twice the revenue that it previously received from Amnet does Amnet have to continue providing it?

The one complaint that they bemoan that I do not understand is the fact that Amnet has dropped Fox News. Shouldn’t they be rejoicing that Amnet has dropped that hateful right-wing spew of the so called ‘fair and balanced’ reporting of Fox News. I use the word news loosely. Now their viewers can use their own mental resources to sort out what they think of the news of the day instead of depending on Fox to tell them what they think!

Fox’s ‘fair and balanced’ promotional catch phrase can be forever enshrined where it belongs along with “the checks in the mail” . . . .

Here’s a cheer out to the Amnet programming staff. You’ve done a wonderful thing.

Dan Hill
and other independent thinkers Arenal

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