Another aging San José building gets a makeover

Another 19th century landmark structure in San José has been restored with the financial help of an agency of the culture ministry. The structure is the La Alhambra on Calle 2 between avenidas Central and 2.

Detail of the decorations on the building facade. Photo: Centro Patrimonio Nacional

The Junta de Andalucía in Spain also provided funds as well as the ministry agency, the Centro Patrimonio. The original La Alhamba, a landmark Spanish castle, is in Grenada, Aldalucía.

The building is under private ownership, and with the restoration the structure will continue to be rented for commercial uses, said the Centro. The heritage center invested 192 million colons or about $382,000 in the project. The structure contains designs that come from the Moorish architecture that characterizes the original La Alhambra.

The building was the site of a fire in 2008 that did extensive damage. There also was general deterioration due to age and lack of maintenance, said the Centro. The restoration began last year.

Some of the project involved restoring the third floor walls that had been damaged in the fire. The owners did interior work under the eye of the Centro so that the historic nature of the building was not changed, said the Centro. The support from Spain was invested mainly in the face of the building, which included metalwork. All the windows and doors were replaced along with the ornamental work on the facade, said the Centro.

The building had been declared a heritage site in 2000.

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