Another Amnet customer still seeking CNBC channel

What happened to CNBC?

It has been a full three weeks since CNBC, the business information channel, went off the air at Amnet. The channel went missing several days before Amnet dropped several programs without explanation or warning, including Fox News, under the guise of offering “new channels.” A week went by before Amnet began to explain that “for reasons beyond [its] control” (“por causas fuera nuestro control”) CNBC would be off the air “temporarily” and would offer a decidedly inferior program presented by Bloomberg News in the interim.

Amnet has declined to explain what “reasons” caused it to drop CNBC from its programming or why those reasons are “beyond its control.” Yet, Amnet continues to charge its customers full fare for its programming, even warning customers that they must be sure to pay their subscription on time or face an interruption in service. As Dean Barbour so aptly advised us in a letter to the editor of this publication several weeks ago, Amnet is yet another example of the kind of service we must endure where the service provider enjoys a monopoly. Since the customer has no real options, Amnet knows it can do what it damn well pleases, even arrogantly expecting the customer to believe meaningless and empty explanations for its failings such as “causes beyond its control.” Isn’t it time for Amnet to explain what it really means by those words?

David Jackson
San José

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