Bus company blaze causes heavy damage

Fire believed sparked by a faulty battery in a microbus heavily damaged a bus station in Miramar, Puntarenas, Sunday afternoon. The company, Autotransportes Miramar S.A., also lost two buses, a jeep and a motorcycle, in addition to the microbus.

A metal bus garage of some 670 square meters (about 7,200 square feet) was destroyed as was an adjacent home. Firemen managed to save the bus company office, they said.

Firemen complained that two hydrants did not work. One was a few steps from the blazing structure and the other was some 300 feet away. Firemen said they had to lay 600 meters (nearly 2,000 feet) to reach a water source. Although fire trucks carry about 1,000 gallons of water each, this was insufficient for a major blaze, firemen said.

Some 25 firemen from El Roble, Puntarenas, Las Juntas and Esparza responded. The fire scene is on the north side of the Liceo de Miramar.

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