Cable lineup is different than what he paid for

I would like to take this opportunity to agree with almost all of the respondents regarding the degree of service (or lack ) of the now infamous Amnet Cable. I have had the unfortunate experience of having to use Amnet as my cable provider because I have had no alternative. I have experienced interruption in service every month for years of the USA networks. This always happens at the end of the month and sometimes continues for as many as three to four days. Do you or I receive a refund because we did not get what we paid for?

Secondly lets explore our new and improved service:

1. No more CNBC.
2. No more Fox News.
3. No more Discovery Channel in English.
4. No more ESPN in English (including Monday night football).
5. No more movie channels in English as advertised in the propaganda that I have in my desk.

This is what we have now:

1. All sports channels in Spanish (all soccer all the time).
2. Financial channel Bloomberg with a feed from Brazil and the Brazil Stock market in Portuguese (give me a break).
3. Eight music video channels.
4. No advance notice from Amnet that they were changing 70 percent of the format that we originally agreed to

Finally, I am suggesting that everyone that is displeased with this complete lack of respect for the client and the quality of the new and improved programming, join with us in boycotting Amnet. We have a group of approximately 50 subscribers that are prepared to cancel their service and move to a different service.

There is only one thing that Amnet understands and that is money. We feel that we can garner several hundred Amnet clients to cancel service and deliver a strong message that we will not be taken advantage of, nor will we be treated as if we are idiots and will stand for what ever they choose to do. We are tired of these tactics and will not stand idly by while Amnet tries to make fools of us all!

We can be contacted at to show our strength.

Gary Mathews

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