Caribbean scam victim deplores lack of action

t appears as though this dredging situation came about without [Nicaraguann President Daniel] Ortega’s blessings but somehow became a state issue more than likely to save face without apologizing. This is common for a man who has made a career out of taking what belongs to others.

Crying and finger pointingg is par for the course when it comes to those that Ortega rubs elbows with. They never throw one of their own under the bus. Our new president needs to send our old president to the OAS as a special envoy due to the fact that most of the world either likes him or fears the publicity of opposing him. Today’s article about the land grabbing here in Costa Rica is right on. I see it here on the east coast and it appears as though it is rehearsed and the sad part is their are Gringos and Gringas along with the worst of attorneys involved.

It’s a common practice that is motivated by money. There is no morality involved, just greed and the criminal element that has found a entire industry that lines everyones pockets at the expense of the newcomers who are honest and give e-pats the benefit of the doubt.

Dreams are broken and savings are lost and no one cares. More attorneys to solve the problems while San José legislatures get fatter and continue to ignore the problem because they can’t see it from their house. I, too, have made these mistakes but have overcome them in the past several years, but it truly left me wounded and bitter and suspect now of everything. Its Pura Vida with conditions and a big stick, and that’s the way it is and will be for a long long time.

Bruce Simpson
Hone Creek

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