Conference on innovation begins today in San José

The Organization of American States will hold today and Friday in San José a dialogue titled, “Intellectual Property Rights to Foster Innovation and Competitiveness,” in which 200 people are expected to participate, including researchers, scholars, businessmen, artisans and government officials from 15 countries of the Americas. The event is organized within the framework of the First National Conference on Innovation 2010, or “CR Innova.”

The event was co-organized by the hemispheric organization, the Centre for the Management of Intellectual Property in Agriculture at the University of California-Davis, and the University-Business NEXO Commission of Costa Rica’s Consejo nacional de Rectores. The objective is to promote intellectual property as a tool to boost innovation, productivity, and competitiveness in Latin America and the Caribbean, said a news release. It also seeks to foster more favorable public policies and encourage the compilation and exchange of experiences about the effective use of intellectual property, the organization said. Experts and entrepreneurs who have employed intellectual property strategies and tools in their business models will join the panels.

The organization said that according to the Global Competitiveness Report, countries of Latin America and the Caribbean are at the bottom of the global competitiveness ranking, in large part due to low levels of innovation. Countries in the region are on average at position 91 of 133 nations with respect to rates of innovation. Low levels of innovation, productivity and competitiveness affect economic growth, job creation, and consequently people’s incomes and quality of life.

The event is at the Consejo Nacional de Rectores, the Dr. Franklin Chang Díaz Building, in Pavas.

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