Costa Rica needs pr help in instructing the world

Instead of Costa Rica taking the “poor me” direction with regard to the Nicaraguan incursion and frankly, not knowing how to respond… I believe that this represents an unprecedented opportunity for Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a leader in tourism, peace, no army, and face it, the development and utilization of “green technology”. Costa Rica has no offshore oil drilling, no more mining projects and has nearly a third of the country set aside for reserve areas. It is the longest running democracy in Latin America and supported by just about everyone except a few leftist leaning countries.

What to do? SCREAM, hire a public relations firm and show the world exactly what is happening. It is obvious that Costa Rica is in the right but it is also obvious that Nicaragua and probably Iran and Venezuela are definitely in the wrong.

Who would not take the side of Costa Rica?

Public opinion can be easily mustered and the countries responsible for the dredging, and trespass can be given a huge black eye in the area of public opinion. Come on, Costa Rica. fight back. But fight back smart.

Randy Berg
San Mateo

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