Costa Rica should get percentage of river income

I have an opinion on what should happen with the Nicaraguan border conflict, but it is too practical and dealing with Ortega equates to dealing with my ex-wife. No matter how good an offer you make, they are going to accuse you of trying to trick them.

Anyway, I propose to give them the right to cut the channel with the understanding the land on both sides remained Costa Rican territory. Arrange for a percentage of the tariff Nicaragua charges for the Caribbean boat traffic. What I predict is going to happen is the channel is going to be dug by hook or crook, and then Nicaragua is going to claim that it is the new San Juan river course and the territory north now belongs to them. And who is going to prevent them from doing it.

No way U.S., Columbia or Mexico is going to send in troops because they would have to either capture or kill the Nicaraguans and can you imagine the outcry.

I didn’t know Jo Stuart had written about Bristol Palin. I haven’t read her column in some years once it was apparent she was using a fluff column to make political statements. I am not a regular viewer of the “Dancing With The Stars” show, but remember when Emmitt Smith won over Mario Lopez. And I felt Mario was much better, but I didn’t see any complains that Emmitt, a black superstar football player, was receiving a lot of black and football fans votes. How desperate does one go to write a column. This is show biz for crying out loud.

I am disappointed Amnet removed Fox news. I agree they have a conservative slant to their news, but I can live without it. I never watched it all day, but found Bill O’Reilly and Bret Baier entertaining. The letter writer sure knew a lot about the channel not to watch it.

Bobby Ruffin
Colonia del Rio, Guadalupe

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