Costa Ricans will fight if diplomatic efforts fail

The island of Calero is part of the Costa Rican territory that was invaded by Nicaraguan troops last Nov 1. Leading the invasion was Eden Pastora the well known Sandinista hero during the Nicaraguan coup d’etat in 1979.

They not only invaded the country but also caused ecological damage while trying to expand their border bulldozing the river, throwing the debris and chopping part of the swampy forest in their neighbors country.

Showing disrespect and force inside Costa Rica and their sovereignty, financed by ALBA which is the group formed by Communist dictator of Venezuela Hugo Chávez. Without any legal basis, they are trying to expand their cancer called communism in our territory using violence and intimidation.

The treaties of 1858, the Cleveland treaty, the Alexander treaty, maps published by both countries clearly define the borders of both countries. It also has been of public knowledge that the island of Calero belongs to Costa Rica. There is no space for interpretation or opinion about what belongs to Costa Rica and where the limits are located.

Pastora had said that it is no man’s land. During this time and age there is no such thing. Every property has an owner, and Calero belongs to Costa Rica.

There are several motives for this conflict. One is for political reasons to try and boost Ortega´s image and Pastora´s eternal wish to become president, although the Sandinista government doesn’t necessarily like him, and now Costa Rica which had helped him and was his home for many years considers him a ¨persona non grata.¨

The other personalities involved are Hugo Chávez, who last year used one of his puppets, Honduran ex-president Manuel Zelaya, who tried to become a dictator in his country. This was not allowed by the Honduran troops and he now is trying to use the same strategy with Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, while knowing that Costa Rica does not have an army to defend itself. Chávez believed that it would be easier than Honduras.

What he wasn´t expecting was that Costa Rica while very peaceful is also a strong-willed and brave country who will defend its democracy and borders first through diplomatic means and, if needed, with the help of foreign democratic troops, and many citizens that would gladly join in the defense of the country.

This clear violation of Costa Rican territory is one of the results of the ALBA and the wrongfully named ¨Peace bases ¨ promoted by Venezuela.

What do readers think would happen if Costa Rica invaded their islands of Solentiname and the Lake of Nicaragua ?

Nicaragua uses force to intimidate its own people and thinks it can do the same with their southern neighbors, but Costa Rica is not the kind who will allow that to happen.

The resolution the Organization of American States was in favor of Costa Rica´s demand to withdraw the Nicaraguan troops. The results were 21 in favor. Venezuela and Nicaragua voted against it, and Ecuador, Dominica and Guyana cast blank votes. Bolivia did not participate in the voting.

The diplomatic route to solve this situation is advancing, but if at any point it does not, Costa Ricans will do as the national anthem says: ¨When someone tries to stain our glory, you will see its people brave and strong and you will hear the sound of arms in battle.

Gregory Kearney Lawson

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