Dancing show is on air because its a free country

In her recent diatribe Jo bemoans the fact that Bristol Palin has reached the finals of “Dancing With the Stars” because she is the daughter of Sarah Palin and has little talent. What I suppose she would prefer is that the government take over the show, as in North Korea, Venezuela, etc. (insert name of any socialist paradise) and subsidize it so that it could always be kept strictly politically correct.

As for her statement that we all know that those who “stuffed the ballot box” are not always well-informed or discerning, meaning of course those of a conservative bent, we are discerning enough, madam, to evaluate you for what you are: a typical liberal with dreams of obliterating the bottom line and converting the world into a uniform socialist paradise. Do YOU have a bottom line, Jo???

The show is for ENTERTAINMENT!!  Bristol is ENTERTAINING!!  People want to see her!! Yes the EVIL TV network is making FILTHY MONEY by inviting her to be there. But please spare me your conspiracy theories about the viewers and/or the people running the show, you are letting your jealousy and pettiness show!!

Why do you doubt that she is “just like us”? What makes her so different??  Because she got pregnant and then had the baby??  Did she anger you that she didn’t abort the baby??

“If the United States wants to be No. 1 in the world…..”? You say, we got to quit voting for Bristol???? Dear, we already ARE No. 1 and likely to stay that way for a long long time in spite of fault-finders like you. The “bottom line” will always be important in a FREE country.

Daryl Hartman

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