Don’t expect First World when you are living here

For these five years I have been reading the “Letters to the Editor,” mostly sent from U.S. expats living here. Being one myself have two observations to make:

(1) Most of the letters are accurate in their complaints about the inefficiency of any government operation in Costa Rica. However, it is all preaching to the choir, is it not? Or does A.M. Costa Rica send out those letters to the Costa Rican newspapers or a government office?

(2) My second observation is to those carpers:”What do you expect in this country with one foot in the Third World and the other on the “developing” ladder?

If you want efficiency, organization, good TV, Internet, regulation, police control, traffic regulations that are observed, et al, you should go live in the U.S., England, or Germany. But such societal development is hardly expected in this country. ALSO, are we expats not here because those are the things we wanted to get away from? So why the constant run of complaints?

Alfred Stites
Barrio La Guaracha de Birri
de Santa Barbara de Heredia

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