Drug arrests include three Heredia mothers, police said

Anti-drug agents detained five persons on narcotics charges over the weekend in La Milpa de Guararí de Heredia. Three of them were women who all had children in the home where the police raid took place.

Mothers are led off after drug arrests. Inset shows their agricultural achievements. Photo: Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública

One child was 14, one was 5, one was 2 and one was four months. All four were turned over to the Patronato Nacional de Infancia, the child protection agency.

Anti-drug police said they acted after getting 21 complaints from neighbors.

A woman with the last names of Sequeira Gutiérrez was detained and identified as the leader of the group. She is 42 and the mother of the 14 year old.

Also held were two daughters, both with the last names of Brenes Sequeira. One is 20 and the mother of the infant. The other is 23, and the mother of the children 2 and 5, said police.

Also detained was the companion of the older daughter. He is 22 and has the last names of Hidalgo Méndez, said police. Another person, identified by the last names of Mendoza Badilla, who is 19, was detained as an assistant to the women.

An illegal Nicaraguan identified as a drug customer, also
was detained and turned over to immigration agents, police said.

Agents confiscated live marijuana plants, 100 doses of crack and money, they said

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