Eyes of world to push Ortega to get out

I wrote a letter to President Obama asking him to consider making public his support for Costa Rica and condemnation for Nicaragua pertaining to the land grab along the northern border.

I encourage all Americans to write as well. It appears as though Daniel Ortega’s attempt to out shout President Chinchilla has backfired big time. This is a good thing. Many things can be done on all fronts, politically as well as physically. The pressure is on especially when Fidel Castro puts the hammer down on Ortega’s actions and statements.

Also the Costa Rican police need to make a move in the near future, methodical of course and calculated. The stupid ditch of three shovels wide needs to be filled back up where it originated off of the southern side of the river, reassuring there will be no wash out from the massive amount of water that will soon be flowing to the ocean. The whole ditch does not need to be filled, just a 100 feet or so.

Then bring the police within view of the Nicaraguan army but at a safe distance with security measures in place such as cover and armament. This is how its done in Korea and it keeps aggression in check. It can be done. The Nicaraguan soldiers are not battle hardened and will not enjoy having the world watch them. And don’t forget the cameras and press. This is extremely important so that the world can see up close what they are doing. This alone will intimidate them beyond belief. Managua will flip.

Bruce Simpson
Hone Creek

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