Fishing lodge operator says Barra open for fishing

wanted to let you know that unless they have changed the rule again in the last hour, there has been great confusion in the Costa Rican press about the Barra del Colorado airport. I am a commercial instrument pilot and flew out of Barra in a private charter Tuesday. The airport is in a restricted area which allows private charters in and out with advance flight plan. The disputed island land is in a prohibited area which is a no-fly zone for public safety. It is a long way from Barra and the Rio Colorado Lodge.

We want all of our fishing customers to know that the Rio Colorado Lodge is open for business. The fat snook (Calba) have arrived early this season and are there now and that the tarpon fishing is wide open river and ocean. We are 3.5 hours away from the border dispute by river and an hour by ocean. The large police group in Barra is there only because it is the closest airport to the frontier. We have never been safer. Our three town robbers are afraid to go to work with all the police hanging around the airport.

Rio Colorado is providing ice for the police, doing some laundry for the officers and using our fumigation equipment to keep the mosquitoes at bay. We have 100 smiley face Tico police in our town playing army, giving the local kids cookies and pops. If you remember Barney Fife, Sheriff Andy’s deputy with his bullet in his pocket with his trusty pistol rusted in his holster, you can multiply that times 100 and get the picture.

Fish is good and the photo ops are super, so come on up and catch a fish and be a part of history. Flying direct is not a problem. Thank you for letting your readers know the situation here. Our great staff is here waiting for the fishermen.

Dan Wise
Archie Field’s Rio Colorado Lodge
Barra del Colorado

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