In support of Jo Stuart and her right to opinions

I am somewhat shocked at the response to Jo’s article about Bristol Palin. For the record, I am a conservative, a fan of Sarah Palin and have been in Costa Rica on and off for four years. Though Jo is a little left of center in my opinion, I treasure her articles for her insight. I do not always agree with her, but that is my problem and not hers. She is entitled to her opinion, and I welcome her opposing views to my own.

Quite often we actually agree on observations of the local culture as well as the humor we see in the attitude of many Gringos who settle here and try to import their North American view of how the world “should” function.

The harsh words in the e-mails today disturbed me greatly as I have great respect for this wonderful lady. The letter writer cited “. . . are not always well-informed or discerning . . .” and incorrectly applied it to political thought. This was totally inaccurate as she clearly based the comment on formal training and experience in dance. Remember, no one’s opinion is ever wrong. I may, from time to time, have differences with Jo’s analysis and question “facts” that she might quote, but her opinion is her own.

What a dull world it would be if we all thought the same!

Jim Robinson

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