Just flip the channel if you dislike Fox News

I have always been aware of the fact that there is a large percentage of whining liberals among the Norteamericanos there in Costa Rica.  And yesterday’s letter to the editor section was a reaffirmation of that, as well as Jo Stuart’s contribution.

From the very beginning of my online subscription, I learned to bypass Jo’s amateurish attempt at journalism, (a Hemingway you are not, Jo), mostly because of her frequent liberal rants. Now it’s a tirade of jabs at the “Dancing with the Stars” show on TV, an obvious slap at the Palins and the right in general.  Ms Stuart, lighten up and get a life. Keep your socialist opinions to yourself and go back to writing about the events in your boring life!

The hilarious letter from Dan Hill was the other leftist faux pas.  He attempts to elevate his opinion by claiming he is not alone, but among the horde of “other independent thinkers.”  Another attempt to denigrate conservative thinking Republicans by smearing Fox News. “Hateful right-wing spew” ?  Hey sir, if you don’t like Fox News JUST FLIP THE CHANNEL, as Mr Adams suggested Jo do. DUH !  The only “hate” I detect is yours and Jo’s.  Just a “fair and balanced ” opinion (smile).

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