Limon can draw poison from bite of rare spider

n reference to the news story that said What may have been the bite of a tiny mosquito last April in Jacó marked the beginning of a medical ordeal for a Denver man.

Well funny thing. It happened to me two years ago. I was sleeping when I felt a sharp pain in my leg then another. I awoke to find a black and orange spider about 1 ½ inches across beside my leg. My girlfriend at the time rushed to the kitchen and got a lime (limon) and cut it in half then placed it on the bite marks. A filmy white goo came out, and we went to the hospital where they cut out three small 2” round parts of flesh. The doctor told me that the spider is very rare but the bite can cause coma and sometimes death. He also told me that placing the limon on it right away sucked the poison out and that saved me from getting more cut out of me.

To this day, I always shake my bed covers and sheets before going to sleep and spray my house on the inside and out. And have a fear of bugs!! My family wonders why?

R. Matija
San José

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