Man freed after spending 72 hours trapped in river

Rescue workers prepare to take man who survived in river to a local hospital.
Photo: Cruz Roja

Sometime Wednesday a surge of water prompted by the heavy rains caught a man in Naranjo de Dota and swept him away. Cruz Roja rescue workers extracted the man alive Sunday from the mud and sediment downstream that had trapped him for at least 72 hours, they said.

The workers identified the man by the last names of Abrego Abrego and said he was 36 years old.

About 15 rescue workers participated in the effort that lasted 10 hours.

Héctor Blanco, a Cruz Roja worker, said the man was half covered by mud and other debris. Workers had to build a rope bridge from one side of the water course to the other to reach the man. The man suffered from hypothermia and various cuts and other injuries in the lower part of his body. He was hospitalized.

Rescue workers Sunday found others who were not as lucky.

Workers found the body of a 68-year-old man about 7:30 a.m. in Los Ángeles de León Cortez where the victim had been trapped by a landslide. He was identified by the last names of Navarro Mora.

In San Lorenzo de Tarrazú other Cruz Roja workers were seeking the body of a man who vanished in a landslide last week.

Then today other workers are returning to the scene of a landslide in San Antonio de Escazú where they think another victim of the Thursday landslide remains buried.

They also will be seeking the body of an 18 year old who is believe to be the victim of a river in Los Anonos.

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