Ministry says 8.5 percent of national roads still blocked

The transport ministry said Wednesday that 8.5 percent of the national highways still are not open as a result of landslides or damage caused by Tropical Storm Tomas.

HIghway in Dota (Left), Road open but not pretty in Acosta (Right) Photos: Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes

That is about 178 kilometers or some 110 miles. At one point more than 2,000 kilometers of highways were out of service, said the Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes and the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad.

Still blocked is the Interamericana Sur between Paso Real and Palmar Norte, according to Francisco Jiménez, the minister.

In the Provincia de San José there are roads out of service in these cantons: Turrubares, Moravia, Pérez Zeledón, Acosta, León Cortés and Dota. In Acosta the problem is a failed bridge over the Río Pirrís.

In Pérez Zeledón there is a collapsed stretch of road between Rivas and San Gerado, the ministry said. That includes a road at Puerto Jiménez on the Osa Peninsula in southern Costa Rica.

The ministry said that no roads were out of service due to the storm in the provinces of Guanacaste, Limón and Heredia.

In the Provincia de Puntarenas, some 114 kilometers of highways are out of service, including the Interamericana Sur, said the ministry.

The ministry statistics do not include roads out of service due to reasons other than the storm.

The Interamericana Norte is blocked at Cambronero because a giant rock fell on the roadway Monday and at least a half dozen more seem inclined to do the same.

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