Ms. Chinchilla says prudence is not weakness

President Laura Chinchilla reaffirmed the country’s reliance on diplomacy instead of force Wednesday night as she helped mark the 27th anniversary of the nation’s proclamation of neutrality.

Ms. Chinchilla and ex-president Monge. Photo: Casa Presidencial

The event also honored former president Luis Alberto Monge, who issued the neutrality proclamation at the height of the Nicaraguan civil war. He also attended.

The country believes in the power of reason and not in the reason of power, she said. She also recognized the Río San Juan invasion by Nicaraguan troops and she said it was her hope to arrive at a rational and negotiated solution. Prudence should not be confused with weakness, she said in a speech.

Ms. Chinchilla also had good words to say about the fraternal relationship between the two countries. Costa Rica has about 400,000 Nicaraguans living here either legally or illegally.

The neutrality declaration was based on pragmatism in 1983, but it has risen to the realm of a political philosophy. Ms. Chinchilla noted that the country abolished its army in 1948 and ratified that act in the Constitution of 1949.

Meanwhile, the Poder Judicial said a prosecutor in Pococí is investigating Eden Pastora for taking government-owned land. Pastora is the man in charge of the San Juan dredging and the effort to create a new mouth for the river. He still is in Nicaragua and a close ally of President Daniel Ortega.

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